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Build Consistent Customer Dining Experience with SpaceSight Onsite Inspection

SanSheng Future Group is a catering conglomerate with a focus on incubating and managing fine-dining restaurants. Its business covers both Western and Chinese cuisine, operating sub-brands include a fusion steakhouse, a Beijing cuisine restaurant, private kitchen-style eatery, and a Hunan cuisine restaurant. SanSheng Group currently operates 40 stores across and has plans to expand to 100 stores in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen over the next three years.

Pain Points

It's challenging to maintain consistent quality across expanding stores.

As a main player in the culinary industry, SanSheng Group holds stringent standards for its brand image. Taste and service stand as pivotal factors in fine-dining restaurants. With the increasing number of chain stores, the headquarters aims to ensure a consistent customer experience at each establishment.

However, with the growth in the number of stores, SanSheng Group faces challenges in maintaining effective management across all outlets. Issues like unnoticed mismanagement in newly opened stores and delays in implementing improvements suggested by the headquarters are common concerns. This sometimes leads to variability in the quality of different stores.

Ensuring consistency in quality standards for store inspections presents a significant difficulty.

With the increase in newly opened stores, the inconsistency of inspection quality becomes more apparent. For example, variations in the understanding of hygiene standards among store managers lead to less-than-satisfactory inspection outcomes in some stores.

The headquarters intends to provide training for store managers, but challenges such as coordinating employee schedules and arranging suitable venues make training costs prohibitively high. Additionally, remote and repetitive communication and guidance has been taking up an excessive amount of time for both regional managers and store managers.

Having difficulty consolidating diverse inspection data accurately and efficiently.

Regional managers face daily challenges when it comes to consolidating inspection results from each store. They must submit a compiled version of the data to headquarters in order to assess store performance and analyze the data for future operations optimization. Unfortunately, traditional manual methods of compilation and analysis are not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors and omissions.


Using Whale SpaceSight Onsite Inspection, SanSheng Group optimizes the daily inspection process: setting uniform quality standards, assigning regular inspection tasks, and facilitating employee training, all in one platform.

1. Providing more consistent and effective inspection guidelines for employees

The headquarters has created a standardized inspection checklist for distribution to each store, with accompanying visual aids such as images and videos to enhance understanding. This approach ensures a consistent understanding of the inspection standards among employees.

2. Establishing recurring tasks to monitor store operations performace

Self-inspection tasks can be assigned regularly using the recurring task feature. This keeps headquarters stay up to date on daily store operations performance, encouraging a culture of standardized management among stores. Additionally, by implementing the task timeout feature, stores are required to execute tasks promptly, ensuring the timeliness of the assigned responsibilities.

3. Facilitating employee training with training and development courses.

SpaceSight App offers a flexible, online employee training platform that links common issues identified during inspections to relevant training courses. This comprehensive approach enables stores to address problems in a targeted manner, providing employees with the knowledge they need to resolve issues in one step. 

4. Gaining insight into inspection data from multiple perspectives

Managers can use the inspection overview page to analyze the inspection performance of each store from multiple angles, such as different time frames and comparisons between stores/regions. It also offers the opportunity to make custom comparisons between stores and present data results quickly and clearly.


Achieve a 50% increase in inspection efficiency

It used to take over 40 minutes to complete an inspection task manually, but now it only takes 20 minutes with SpaceSight Onsite Inspection Solutions, enalbing stores to operate more efficiently and freeing up more time.

Cut down on inspection errors by 30%

We have seen a marked decrease in non-compliance practices such as improper employee attire, violation of hygiene standards, inconsistent service quality, and inadequate record keeping. This improvement in store operations has led to an impressive drop in customer complaints.

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