Whale Stardust

Whale Open Platform

Build a Digital Ecosystem to Create Infinite Possibilities

Whale Stardust: A Cloud-Edge Platform for All Brands

Understand Your Needs and Build Your Core Competency

  • Whale's Self-developed Core Technology

    Stardust is built on AI, IoT and Data technology, enabling brands to establish their technical foundation.

  • Turn Your Ideas into Application

    Support multiple integtrations with other core platforms to make you get the most out of it.

  • Leading Digital Asset Management Platform

    Tame the complexity of expanding content, channels, and connections.

AI Algorithm Platform

Leading AI Algorithms Help You Reach New Heights

Reach Customers at the Right Time

Understand your customer's behavior, so you move from increasing delivery to increasing impact

Focus Your Resources on Campaigns with the Highest Potential

Gain comprehensive insights into marketing conversions through attribution analysis, conversion analysis, and event analysis

Core Competitive System of Data-driven Intelligence

Powered by machine vision, knowledge graphs, and natural language processing algorithms

Surpass Boundaries between Technologies

Break through the restriction of different audio and video platforms, simplify the development process by standard interface

Whale Private Cloud

Secure and Flexible Solutions

Guarantee the Security of All Information and Data

Ensure data security and privacy, as well as compliance with all necessary requirements

Diverse Selection of Resources with Flexible Capabilities

One stop private deployment solutions tailored to business needs with flexible selection in software and hardware

Secure Your Sensitive Data in Local Storage

Data security is taken to a higher level, with all data being deployed locally on servers, ensuring no more worries about privacy leaks

Build Relationships for the Long Term

Designed for scalability, providing brands with the option for further development

Whale Low-code Platform

Build Custom Applications from Scratch or Utilize

Pre-designed Templates to Meet Your Needs with Minimal Coding

Flexible Selection, Customizable Templates

Brands can flexibly select standard software modules to record all data, processes, and touchpoints in the digital journey, with the interactions of business visualized

Digital Management of Equipment Assets

We Offer Digital Asset and Equipment Management for the Store with Low Overhead, Maximizing Asset Utilization

Seamless Process

We help suppliers keep track of new purchases, inventory quantities, batches and more, providing peace of mind throughout the process

Speedy Deployment

New equipment enable Whale Stardust to facilitate quick deployment and configuration

Streamline Equipment Upgrades

Our system supports remote upgrading of devices, as well as batch upgrading of device packages for management

Simplify Equipment Maintenance

24/7 remote operations support to monitor and alert services to reduce potential losses from technical issues

Maximize the Value of Your Retired Equipment

Provides simplified standardized offers to help customers scale their recycling efforts
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