How GIORGIO ARMANI Redesigned Success Metrics Across Multiple Stores


GIORGIO ARMANI is a renowned Italian fashion house known for its sleek, modern designs and luxurious quality. Founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani, the brand has since become synonymous with high-end fashion, offering a wide range of products from clothing and accessories to beauty and home decor.

In retail, the right sales targets are crucial. GIORGIO ARMANI's regional leaders were facing a challenge: their targets were based on outdated figures, causing uneven satisfaction and goals among store managers. 

Steve, the Singapore Operations Manager for GIORGIO ARMANI, identified the crux of the issue—a with a shortage of current data for setting realistic goals. Essential figures like customer visits and sales conversions weren't considered when creating these targets, leading to a gap between what was expected and the actual performance of the stores.


Lack of Current Performance Data

The regional managers at GIORGIO ARMANI were setting sales targets based on historical data, which often didn't match the current market reality. Without up-to-date information on customer behavior and store performance, it was difficult to set goals that truly reflected each store's potential.

Inconsistent Target for Managers

This reliance on outdated information led to goals that were either too easy or too difficult to achieve, causing dissatisfaction among store managers. The inconsistency in targets made it hard to maintain motivation and a sense of fairness across different stores.

Ignoring Key Performance Indicators

Essential metrics like customer foot traffic and conversion rates were not considered when setting sales targets. This oversight meant that the targets didn't always align with the stores' operational data, leading to a disconnect between expected and actual performance.


Making Choices with Data-Driven Decision 

Steve, the Operations Manager for GIORGIO ARMANI in Singapore, introduced SpaceSight to collect real-time data on customer traffic and sales conversions. This approach allowed for a more accurate and dynamic method of setting sales targets that reflected each store’s current situation.

Improving Manager Engagement and Satisfaction

By establishing a transparent and data-backed target-setting process, Steve ensured that all store managers understood and agreed on their individual store targets. This enhanced the managers' satisfaction and motivation by providing them with achievable and fair goals.

Tailoring Metrics that Truly Track Success

SpaceSight provided a detailed view of key performance indicators, such as the number of visitors and the rate at which they made purchases. With these insights, Steve could set more informed targets, helping each store to realistically measure and strive for success.


GIORGIO ARMANI's retail operations have greatly improved with a new system that ensures sales targets are accurate, reflecting real store performance. This approach has boosted store manager satisfaction by 56% due to transparent and achievable goals. Consequently, stores are consistently meeting their targets, contributing to a notable 21% rise in regional sales. This highlights the effectiveness of Steve's data-focused strategy in advancing retail success.

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