How Supermarket Chains Improve Inspection Efficiency with Smart Technology

Hangzhou Lianhua Huashang Group is a major supermarket chain operator listed on the Hong Kong Exchanges. It specializes in selling food, general merchandise, and fresh produce. The company operates in over 500 convenience stores, shopping centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and other formats across 11 cities in China. It offers a wide variety of over 100,000 items across 34 product categories.

Pain Points

Performing inspections in 11 cities comes at a high cost

Regular inspections of store operations, including cleanliness, furnishings, and other aspects, are necessary for headquarters. However, conducting on-site inspections for each store is expensive and time-consuming. Lianhua also faces a shortage of supervisors to coordinate these operations.

Remote viewing of product displays and labels is a challenge

Supermarkets need to comply with legal and regulatory requirements for displaying labels and products. Lianhua's in-store CCTV cameras support only remote surveillance and cannot monitor details such as label posting or product display. The lack of transparency in these aspects hampers Lianhua's ability to conduct precise operations.

The inspection process is non-standardized, and results are hard to trace

Lianhua currently captures screenshots of non-compliant behaviors while monitoring stores through CCTV. These screenshots are then sent to the store manager via various software applications. However, this process involves switching between different applications and lacks feedback and updates from the supervisor. Additionally, the data is scattered in chat logs, making it impractical to conduct comprehensive rectification.


Online Inspection System in One Dashboard

Whale SpaceSight Online Inspection System is designed to make store checks simple and effective. From start to finish, inspectors/managers can set up their inspection criteria, assign tasks, carry out inspections, and track the improvement process all in one place. This means less jumping between different applications and a more organized way of keeping records. Every inspection is logged into the system, making it easy to look back on past data and understand trends over time.

Create Inspection Checklist

Perform Inspection Task

Track the Progress of Rectification

Inspection Data Dashboard

Advanced Zoom Capability

To address the challenge of supervising multiple locations with limited staff, we've improved our CCTV systems to let you see store details without being there in person. The cameras now have two zoom features: a digital zoom that can magnify the image by up to three times, and a mechanical zoom available on certain cameras that can adjust the lens for a closer view. This way, you can check product placement and pricing accurately, ensuring everything meets their standards.

Before and after zooming in:


Enhanced Inspection Approach with Whale Inspection System

Whale SpaceSight's Inspection System helps Lianhua streamline its store inspections workflow. This user-friendly system offers a straightforward way to manage inspections by allowing staff to upload images, take photos on-site, and even score the store's condition. It's set up to handle regular checks, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, it keeps track of any issues that need fixing and follows up on the progress made.

Since implementing the Whale Inspection System, there has been a 60% boost in inspection efficiency. More importantly, the clarity with which one can now see and understand the entire inspection process, including the final outcomes, has improved by 80%. This means it's not just about doing things faster; it's about doing them better, with clear evidence of progress.

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