AI-automated inspection to eliminate potential risks

2023-03-03 17:42:14

Abu, the manager of a burger shop, is most concerned about hygiene in the kitchen. He wants to ensure food safety and serve an excellent dining experience.

The restaurant used to use human inspection, but it raised the cost and the inspector could not detect abnormalities completely. Abu chose Whale SpaceSight, an automated, 24/7 available AI inspector who detects abnormalities promptly and gives solutions. 

[Rats Detection] uses a motion detection algorithm to identify rats, and automatically alerts if rats are detected.

[Floor Needs Cleaning]: monitors floor cleanliness according to areas and intervals set by managers. After X times (set by the manager) detection of abnormalities on the ground, the system will raise alarms. 

[Improper Hand Washing] monitors staff hand-washing times and intervals, and raises alarms for improper hand cleaning behavior.

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