In-depth Data Analysis to Justify Operational Decisions

2023-03-03 17:45:35

Store operation strategies require support from sufficient data analysis, but where does the data come from? What are the differences between stores?

Olivia is the general manager of store operations for a Chinese restaurant brand. She regularly reviews and assesses operations of nationwide stores, identifies common problems, and develops corresponding strategies to improve operation.

Olivia faces the challenge of making differentiated decisions due to store differences. For instance, due to climate difference in China, stores in the south must focus on hygiene issues and ingredient preservation, while stores in the north need to prioritize ingredient insulation during transportation.

How to identify common high-incidence issues across different regions? What are the quarterly performances of each store? How to make differentiated strategies for different stores?

With SpaceSight's intelligent data analysis platform, Olivia can optimize operation strategies for different stores and maximize operational efficiency.

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