Customer Insight to Sales Conversion

2023-03-03 17:44:50

Kiki, the fast fashion store manager, noticed lower sales of seasonal best-sellers compared to other stores.111

To improve sales revenue, product display strategy is important to catch customers' attention at every touch point. 

How long is customers'ing time? What are their preferred areas? Does the store layout need to be changed?

SpaceSight helps Kiki to analyze customer behavior and adjust store displays accordingly. By customers' area dwelling time, in-store flow, purchase, and loss, SpaceSight can help stores improve the conversion rate of each touchpoint and ultimately boost sales revenue.

For example, SpaceSight's in-store flow analysis revealed diverse and fragmented customer journeys, which meant customers missed many products. 

Kiki has to limit customer shopping routes within a reasonable range to ensure that they visit most products in the store.

Kiki also found some areas have high customer loss rates. Many customers left the store directly after visiting these areas. It means that product displays in these areas are problematic and can not catch attention. Kiki needs to adjust product display or layout in these areas to retain customers. 

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