Centralize Content Management and Secure Collaboration

2023-03-04 19:59:03

A Fashion Corporation aims to:

- Build a complete omni-channel content center to manage all content of its three brands, avoiding the problem of scattered content data;

- Use AI to improve content retrieval efficiency and reduce labor costs;

- Make data more compliant and secure.

Whale provides a hybrid storage model of local storage and cloud storage for the corporation. In this model, files are stored locally and backed up to the cloud during idle time, ensuring access efficiency and data convenience. At the same time, Open API is used to connect with other internal business systems of the group, realizing business process upgrades.

In addition, Whale has helped the group to achieve data sharing and isolation among different brands, ensuring centralized data management without interfering with each other.

This solution has reduced the content duplication rate of various brands under the group by 99%, improved the sharing efficiency of materials by 300%, avoided data security risks, increased the overall utilization rate of materials by 40%, and saved a lot of material construction costs.

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