Empower Precision and Content Creation with AI

2023-03-04 19:59:03

In the era of traffic dominance and matrix marketing, daily marketing operations require a massive amount of content. How can we achieve this?

With the new AIGC technology, simply input a few keywords, and AI can generate corresponding marketing content for use, making content production more efficient.

In the new era of human-machine collaboration, how can marketing personnel fully utilize this new paradigm of content production and double their work efficiency?

In today's marketing landscape, where traffic is priority and matrix marketing is prevalent, brands require a continuous production and distribution of a massive amount of marketing content. Many of these contents can be batch-produced through the use of AIGC technology, greatly improving efficiency and freeing up manpower.

Wendy, a marketing operations staff of a certain brand, needs to produce a large amount of marketing copy and posters daily, to be posted on platforms such as Little Red Book, Weibo, and Zhihu. However, each piece of copy requires her personal composition, while posters require submission of requests to the design department, resulting in long wait times and feedback, severely affecting the frequency of content output.

Through the new AIGC technology in the "Whale Harbor", Wendy only needs to input a few keywords, and AI can generate corresponding marketing copy for her to use. In addition to text, Harbor can also help you quickly generate marketing posters and other images in the same way.

This human-machine collaboration process takes no more than 10 seconds in total.

Judy, a marketing and operations specialist for a clothing brand, faces the challenge of producing a large amount of marketing content for new product launches.      

Due to the short product cycles and frequent updates of the clothing brand, Judy faces immense pressure in content production. With the help of Harbor's AIGC capabilities, Judy can quickly generate more marketing materials for new products. Additionally, Harbor supports the generation of more personalized text and images based on the characteristics of different channels, enabling personalized content production and deployment.    

By leveraging Harbor, Judy's content production efficiency has doubled. She can use Harbor to easily deploy all types of marketing materials to various social media platforms, leading to increased brand exposure.   


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