Dr. Plant

Through "Whale SpaceSight" and "Whale Harbor", starting from reconstructing the digitalization of the whole store scene, it helps plant doctors complete the digital upgrade of the store.

  • Background
    At the beginning of 2021, Plant Doctor's 4,000th brand store in the world, which is also the world's first smart store, officially opened in Shanghai. The newly upgraded "unmanned sales" model also debuted in this store.
  • Demand

    In Botanic Doctor's first smart store, we strive to cover new products, new technologies, new content, and new experiences, and provide consumers with more diversified products and intelligent experiences.

    Help improve consumption quality and further release consumption potential.

Solution and Value

"Whale SpaceSight" assists in creating an immersive interactive experience scene, conveying the brand's sense of technology.

"Whale Harbor" content delivery, allowing store managers to become the masters of content marketing.

 Put online users' product reviews on the offline interactive electronic screen to bring a sense of security to offline consumers.

"Whale uses sensor and camera embedding technology, combined with its own research and development of "Whale Zhun cast", to reconstruct the digitalization of the entire store scene as an entry point, to help plant doctors complete the digital upgrade of stores. "

—Whale 帷幄

Dr. Plant x Whale | Smart Retail Stores Unlock More Consumption Potential

Through "Whale SpaceSight" and "Whale Harbor", starting from reconstructing the digitalization of the whole store scene, it helps plant doctors complete the digital upgrade of the store.

——Xie Yong, Founder of Dr. Plant

The store is the place where the brand has the most opportunities for direct interaction with users, and it is also the place where the brand can display products and services to the greatest extent and convey its own ideas to users. A botanical doctor who has accumulated nearly 30 years in the skin care industry, using alpine plants as the essence and carrier, upholds the brand concept of "respecting nature, advocating science, and giving back to society", and is committed to renewing productivity, service, and marketing in the new consumption era. Export new domestic products to consumers at home and abroad.

How to discover new increments in the stock era? How to release commercial value for the brand offline field represented by stores? Phytodoctor began its attempt to subvert the tradition: In January 2021, Phytodoctor's first smart experience store officially opened in Shanghai, and a new upgraded "unmanned sales" model was implemented. This creates more opportunities for plant doctors to interact deeply with consumers, and also captures more opportunities for plant doctors to seize users' minds.

During the deployment of the first smart experience store, Dr. Botany joined hands with Whale SpaceSight and Whale Harbor to try to cover new products, new technologies, new content, and new experiences for consumers to provide more diverse products and intelligent experiences.

01 The hidden world of the electronic screen creates an immersive interactive experience

Walking into the store, the customer's line of sight will be firmly grasped by a transparent screen that perfectly fits the floor-to-ceiling glass doors. This large screen used to display the main products can perfectly interpret the brand's full "sense of technology" in just a short moment when it reaches consumers for the first time.

During shopping, every time a customer picks up a product, the relevant product information will be displayed on the electronic screen immediately: the display of conventional information such as price, promotional activities, quality ingredients, etc. is not surprising. The screen content will also introduce the product processing process to consumers. It can not only broaden the dimension of customers' understanding of products, but also show the safety and reliability of the brand.

The splicing screen located in the Dendrobium area of the store is also hidden: when no one touches the product, it is a complete information display screen; when a customer picks up a product, the screen on the corresponding product side will automatically display relevant information in split screens The regular video is still played on one side; when a customer picks up two products at the same time, the left and right sides of the screen will display the relevant content of the two products at the same time. In the Botanic Doctor’s smart experience store, the realization of “one screen with multiple functions” allows customers to receive product information and brand voice at the same time, and understand the characteristics, technologies, and concepts of Botanic Doctor in a perspective. This process also moistens things and silently enhances the stickiness between customers and brands.

In terms of technical application of electronic screens, content distribution, location layout, etc., Botanic Doctor Smart Store has conducted in-depth research, striving to create the big sign of "immersive interactive experience" to bring consumers richer and more multi-dimensional full-scenario ultimate new experience.

02 In the era when content is king, my content is my decision

When content becomes the main firepower in the battle for traffic among brand merchants, "content is king" is applied to various online and offline business fields of brands. The close link between "Whale SpaceSight" and "Whale Harbor" has sung a sonorous verse for the content of the Plant Doctor Smart Experience Store.

Harbor content distribution allows store managers to customize and design content and put it on all screens with one click, quickly, uniformly and real-time manage offline stock electronic screens, reduce labor maintenance costs and greatly enhance the driving force and influence of brand content dissemination force.

Based on the understanding of business flow, Harbor’s content management function can realize company-level, store-level, and global shared material rights management, and can support multiple content types, common templates, and rich interactive forms. On this basis, Plant Doctor can realize the synchronization of omni-channel product information, reduce the operating cost of separate management, and fully release its own omni-channel content marketing capabilities in the process of flexibly adapting to various complex business scenarios.

Regardless of whether it is a store or the headquarters, the staff can view and manage all stores and equipment groups under the account through "alivia" according to their own authority, so as to realize real online and offline data synchronization. Phytodoctor thus composes a wonderful note in content production, management, and omni-channel distribution.

03 Confidently display online reviews to win customers' trust with authenticity

"A real buyer's review of a product is much more powerful than any endorsement or advertisement!"

Most consumers have such aspirations, and brand merchants also pay special attention to the brand reputation created by word of mouth by real buyers.

According to surveys, online shoppers will refer to other users' post-purchase reviews before purchasing to decide whether to purchase and how to purchase products. More than 80% of people have this habit. When shopping online, you can check the reviews of past customers by tapping the screen, but it is difficult for offline shopping scenarios to satisfy customers’ desire to know the reviews of old customers as much as possible.

In the first smart experience store, Botanic Doctor worked with Whale to customize and develop a technology that can "bring online real-time evaluation into the store", fully displaying the real-time comments of customers in the brand mini program mall in front of store customers. This has also become one of the characteristics of Plant Doctor's first smart experience store:

In terms of practical application, store consumers can understand the product quality and service level of Botanical Doctor through the most instant and authentic old customer reviews, which also brings a real increase in conversion rate for the brand;

From the perspective of brand development, truly unifying online and offline reviews can bring consumers a sense of security and win their trust and loyalty.

Not afraid to show the most authentic comments to consumers is the confidence and determination of the brand. The technology of "bringing online real-time evaluations into stores" assisted by Whale has made a breakthrough in improving the consumer experience in Botanic Doctor's smart experience stores, and has also opened up new ideas for how brands can beat more consumers in the future.

The first smart experience store is of great significance to the brand. It is a new starting point for Botanical Doctor, and it is also a successful experimental field for subsequent brand growth.

In the process of sharing the fruits of digitalization with Whale, Phytodoctor fully dissected the commercial value of the brand's offline space in the first store, grasped every opportunity to interact with consumers, and delivered a new and intelligent ultimate to consumers' shopping experience. Using store innovation to effectively drive customer flow, and using new products, new technologies, new content, and new experiences as signs, Plant Doctor will truly help improve consumption quality and release consumption potential.

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