Pear Soup
Pear Soup a well-known restaurant chain brand, has many stores, and the inspection process is strictly regulated. Whale SpaceSight empowers the digital inspection of Pear Soup, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Background
    As a catering chain brand, the supervision and management of food hygiene and safety, kitchen administration, front office and other business norms are extremely important. Once a problem occurs and is exposed, it will have a great negative impact on the brand. With the expansion of the store scale, the need for unified and standardized management It also became more urgent.
  • Demand

    As a chain catering brand, unified and standardized management is required to ensure the consistency of taste and dishes in stores across the country.

    A more mature digital inspection solution is needed to solve the problem of increased inspection manpower, time, and travel costs caused by store expansion.

Solution and Value

Online inspection and process automation improve the convenience and efficiency of the inspection process.

The data can be flexibly customized and analyzed, which greatly improves the efficiency of review work.

Through multi-dimensional comparison of data, hidden problems are found, and adjustment strategies are made in a timely manner.

Pear Soup x Whale | Bring "Taste of Beijing" to Nationwide Market

When it comes to famous foods in old Beijing, people will think of Jiaoquaner, soybean juice, fried liver, etc. In autumn and winter, there is also a unique health drink in old Beijing: Xiaodiaoli soup.

In 2017, the first store of "Xiao Diao Li Soup" was opened in Beijing, focusing on the characteristics of old Beijing. From the classic Xiao Diao Li Tang, it gradually evolved into more abundant old Beijing private dishes. As of 2021, it has 45 stores , covering Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities.

With the gradual expansion of chain stores, the need for management upgrades also emerged:

As a well-known domestic catering chain brand, Xiaodiaolitang pursues the consistency of ultra-high standards in dishes and tastes under direct management. For this reason, Xiaodiaolitang has always adhered to a strict and standardized inspection process.

How to effectively control manpower, time and travel costs in inspections with an increasing number of stores? How to improve the inspection efficiency when the epidemic situation is repeated and the inspection difficulty is increasing, so as to efficiently realize the standardized management of stores, ensure the unified standard of stores across the country, and ensure that the old Beijing flavor is not lost?

01 The common "hidden pain" of chain restaurants

Almost all chain catering brands will encounter standardized management problems:

The supervision and management of food hygiene and safety, kitchen administration, front office and other business norms are extremely important. Once a problem occurs and is exposed, it will have a great negative impact on the brand. With the expansion of the store scale, the demand for unified and standardized management has also become more urgent.

But on the other hand, the efficiency of the traditional shop inspection assessment method is too low:

Under the traditional model, the operation and quality control departments of the headquarters set up assessment forms, and the supervisors go to each store for inspections based on the paper assessment forms every month, scoring records, and reminding the person in charge of the store to make corrections if any unqualified items are found. After the inspection, return to the office for a review report and document sorting.

Specifically, under this process, brands usually face the following urgent problems:

Inspection process: Difficult to track, each link is easily faulted.

After the supervisor leaves the store, he cannot follow up the actual rectification situation; the person in charge of the store cannot accurately record and implement the rectification; the quality control director can only understand the progress through fragmentary information.

Inspection data: easy to lose, cumbersome to review and report.

Manual records are easy to make mistakes and omissions; during the review process, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to sort out pictures and record information manually; data assets cannot be deposited, and data comparison and analysis cannot be done.

On-site inspection: high cost and uncertain factors.

The cost of inspection travel is high, and the difficulty of inspection increases under repeated epidemics, making it impossible to know the current status of the store.

In contrast, Xiaodiaoli Tang is one step ahead in the digitalization process. It began to deploy digital store inspections many years ago. As the requirements for digitalization continue to increase, at the end of 2021, Xiaodiaoli Tang chose the store digital inspection provided by Weiwei. inspection plan.

02 Digital inspection, cost reduction and efficiency increase

In response to the need to improve the inspection management of Xiaodiaolitang, Whale uses the spatial data platform Whale SpaceSight to empower Xiaodiaolitang to optimize digital inspections, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

1. Digitalization of patrol inspection cooperation - the process is more "smooth"

First of all, digitize the process of each link of on-site inspection and "move into" the online software. In this way, the information of each circulation link is recorded in the online software. With the keyword search function, the progress of the task can be checked more quickly.

Secondly, SpaceSight supports the assignment of the corresponding person in charge of the task link, supports automatic initiation of inspection tasks and rectification tasks, and supports real-time new task reminder function, making team collaboration smoother and more agile.

For example, after the inspection task review is completed, the supervisor will automatically trigger the dispatch of the rectification task, while the store manager will automatically receive the rectification task, carry out the rectification according to the actual situation, and submit the task.

2. Online remote video inspection - control details anytime, anywhere

Through the store monitoring equipment and online monitoring for inspections, the headquarters and the quality control department can check the store situation anytime and anywhere, restore the real operating conditions of the store, and find hidden problems.

For example, are there problems with table hygiene or dish trays not being recycled in time in the daily operation of the store? In the face of these daily problems, the supervisor does not have to go to the store in person. Through the online remote inspection method, it is easier to control the store situation at all times, discover hidden problems in time and make adjustments.

The online video inspection solution not only solves the pain point of not being able to attend the inspection due to uncertain factors such as the epidemic, but also effectively reduces the cost of inspection travel. At the same time, it also makes the inspection process more linear and sustainable.

3. Inspection data analysis——Efficient review to help operation

If the role of the online remote video inspection solution is to reduce costs, then the role of the data analysis solution is to increase efficiency.

After the inspection is completed, the inspection data will be generated immediately, and the inspection tasks and rectification tasks are presented in the form of charts, which is convenient for the management to check the progress, review and track in real time.

Specifically, through the analysis of inspection data, managers can rank stores according to their scores; at the same time, with the help of inspection problem icons, they can intuitively gain insight into common frequent problems.

For example, during the inspection, the manager found that some stores frequently had certain problems, such as the impact on the turnover rate due to the untimely recycling of the plates, so in the subsequent management, such problems can be used as assessment items to This urges the store to rectify.

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