Pre-Stream Infrastructure to Enhance Collaboration

2023-03-05 10:51:27

Although e-commerce has evolved to its ultimate form - live streaming sales, many brand live streaming operation managers still lack professional scheduling tools when planning live streaming. They are stuck in the stage of using Excel spreadsheets for daily scheduling management, relying on manual maintenance for layout information changes, live streaming status changes, and anchor live streaming duration statistics. This not only has low efficiency but is also prone to errors.

In December, Whale Cast added a new anchor scheduling management tool, allowing brands to more intelligently manage anchors and plan live streaming tasks.

In Whale Cast, live streaming managers can easily create, view, and manage all live streaming tasks and statuses through the scheduling calendar, and scheduling staff and anchors can efficiently collaborate online to schedule information.

In addition, actual live streaming sometimes deviates from the plan, such as the last-minute replacement of anchors, or the actual live streaming duration not matching the scheduling plan, which is not conducive to subsequent analysis of the corresponding anchors.

With Whale Cast, live streaming managers can check and correct the actual live streaming time periods of anchors during the live streaming review phase, making the review data more accurate.

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