Differentiated Analysis of Multiple Advertising Channels

2023-03-05 01:17:34

Brand H, a jewelry brand, was focused on expanding market voice in the early stages and carried out advertising through global channels. In today's context of high traffic costs, it is necessary to consider the cost of acquiring new customers and evaluate the quality of the traffic driven in, the subsequent conversion rates, the fit between advertisements and the audience, as well as retention rate.

The brand faced two challenges:

1. Video platform A is the second largest resource of traffic, but the conversion rate is low, with an add-to-cart rate of 8.45%, higher than the channel's average level, but a lower conversion rate, with an overall conversion rate of only 4.17%;
2. Compared with similar advertising content on Tiktok, the conversion is 118% higher than that of Video platform A.


Whale's Solutions:

a. Through funnel analysis to detect the brand's core problem: with the same material and similar traffic, the conversion effects are significantly different

b. Audience insights reveal differences in traffic introduced by different channels, with stratification based on different audience profiles:

- Video platform A user profile: 0-17 years old account for 38%, 18-25 years old account for 29.5

- Video platform A users are younger, have no purchasing power for high-end luxury products, but are interested in fast fashion and trendsetting

c. Differentiate prices for products: penetrate high price perceptions, and harvest conversions for mid and low-priced products, the final conversion rate increased by 63%, achieving a synergy between brand and effectiveness.

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